MUFG IS Tech Global Meetup#1 - Future Work Style for Financial Engineers.




Tech event presented by MUFG. We have focused on Python in the past two events, but the theme for this event is engineers working in global financial companies. We invite some senior managements working in global financial and technology companies. We talk about the attractiveness and challenges of global financial companies, as well as Using a modern Python based web stack to run an investment portal for thousands of users and how to use AWS, which is an important technology for global companies. Please join us if you are interested in working in global financial companies!


Date Thursday, September 12nd

7pm - 9pm | Talk Session & Panel discussion
9pm -   | Beer Bash


LIFULL Co., Ltd. 8th floor
Address: 1-4-4 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083,Japan


General(一般): Free

Items to bring

Name card (Please give us one card at the reception desk.)
Registration sheet (Click the button "受付票を見る" on your right and bring a printed sheet.)


English only


19:00-19:10 | Opening (LIFULL & MUTB)
19:10-19:30 | Talk Session: Impact of technology on the financial services industry
・Speaker: Tetsuo IIDA, Head of Financial Services Business Development Japan,Amazon Web Services Japan FINOVATORS, Deputy Director
19:30-19:35 | Q&A
19:35-19:55 | Talk Session:The story behind the new MUFG Investor Services Portal - Using a modern Python based web stack to run an investment portal for thousands of users
・Speaker: Marc-André Lemburg, Head of Technology, Point Nine Limited
19:55-20:00 | Q&A
20:00-20:10 | Break
20:10-20:55 | Panel discussion: Panel discussion:What ‘s the value for Japanese engineers to work in global Fintech companies?
・Speaker 1: Makoto SHIBATA, Head of FINOLAB
・Speaker 2: Pavlos Christoforou, CEO, Point Nine Limited
・Speaker 3: John Sergides, CEO, MUFG Investor Services
・Speaker 4: Gen UEHARA, Symphony APAC
・Speaker 5: Yuki HAYASHI , CTO/Co-Founder, Alpaca
・Moderator: Yuka TANIMOTO, Forbes Japan
20:55-21:00 | Closing (MUTB)
21:00-21:45 | Beer bash

MC : Shingo Ehara

Plug and Play Tech Center

I help Startups and Corporates expand Mobility B2B business innovation, pilots and investment opportunities.
Helping Fortune 500 corporations find 'fit' startups at the right timing.

Speaker : Tetsuo Iida

Head of Financial Services Business Development Japan, Amazon Web Services Japan
FINOVATORS, Deputy Director

Tetsuo Iida is in charge of business development of cloud services for financial industry at Amazon Web Services Japan. Before joining AWS, he worked for ISI-Dentsu and contributed to growth of Fintech movement in Japan by organizing “FIBC”, the Japan’s first Fintech pitch contest.

Speaker : Marc-André Lemburg

Marc-André Lemburg is the IT Head of Point Nine Limited and the CEO of eGenix.com.

He graduated from University of Dusseldorf, Germany.
He used to be the director of Python Software Foundation in the period of 2002-2004 and 2010-2016. Since 2016, he has been the chair of Euro Python Society.

Speaker : Makoto Shibata

Head at Finolab

Mr. Shibata started his current position in Jul 2019, in charge of Finolab community, which consists of 50 startup members and 15 corporate members at the heart of Tokyo financial technology. He has been involved in the community from the early days and became a co-founder of Finovators, pro bono mentor group, to support Finolab in 2016.
Until Sep. 2018, he was leading MUFG Bank’s R&D in emerging technology and planning of FinTech initiatives, innovation, and online / mobile financial services. He worked in the digital banking area for 20 years and he was involved in a wide range of projects. His previous career in banking, starting at The Bank of Tokyo, includes Corporate Planning, Accounting, Corporate Finance, and Retail Customer Services. From Oct. 2018, he became Executive Fellow of Japan Digital Design, innovation entity of MUFG. And he conducted research on FinTech as an Academic Visitor at University of Oxford until Mar. 2019.
He holds a Bachelor of Economics from University of Tokyo and a Master of Science in Development Economics from University of Oxford.

Speaker : Pavlos Christoforou

Pavlos Christoforou is the CEO of Point Nine Limited.

He received B.S. degree from Imperial College London and M.S. degree from Stony Brook University. In 2002, he founded Point Nine Limited in Cyprus, where is his home country.

Speaker : John Sergides

John Sergides is the Chief Executive Officer for MUFG Investor Services.

Formerly the Global Head of Sales at UBS Fund Services, John brings a wealth of experience from a range of roles in the investment management industry. He was previously Head of Business Development and Strategy, Alternative Fund Services, at Deutsche Bank and prior to that, Executive Director of Hedge Fund Services at JP Morgan Chase. John previously worked as a senior trader for the HSBC Group. Prior to this John worked for Barclays Capital in both London and Tokyo. He has also held several Non-Executive Director positions including Renal Services, a provider of healthcare services and Point Nine Limited, a leader in BPO service industry.

Speaker : Gen UEHARA

Head of Strategy and Planning, APAC at Symphony

Gen Uehara is the APAC Head of Strategy and Planning for Symphony Communication Services. He is currently involved in the go-to market strategy of Symphony for Japan and APAC region.
Gen is a motivated technology professional with various experience around technology platforms for the global financial organizations. Before joining Symphony, Gen worked at Goldman Sachs for 20 years leading the effort for building the technology platforms as well as workplace transformation in Asia including Japan, Hong Kong and India. He was also involved in rolling out Symphony solution within the company.
Gen holds a bachelor’s degree in Science of Civil Engineering from Columbia University in New York.

Speaker : Yuki Hayashi

CTO / Co-Founder,Alpaca

Prior to founding Alpaca, Yuki had been playing engineering roles in several global tech giants such as Nokia in Vancouver and Nintendo in
Kyoto for 15+ years. He led R&D projects such as realtime computer graphics, distributed mesh networking as well as various kinds of embedding systems. Alpaca's engineering team has grown exponentially and internationally where people are coming from more than ten
countries as of today.

Moderator : Yuka TANIMOTO

Forbes JAPAN, Assistant Managing Editor / Chief Communication Director, Editorial Team

Yuka Tanimoto earned an MBA in the U.S. in 2004 after gaining experience at a brokerage firm and serving as a financial and economic anchor for Bloomberg TV. She next worked as a newscaster for Nikkei CNBC and became the company's first-ever female commentator.
Through her career, Ms. Tanimoto has interviewed over 3000 VIPs from every corner of the globe including former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and Co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, and founder of Starbucks, Howard Schultz. She has also appeared on numerous television programs including "Sunday! Scramble" (TV Asahi), "Your Time" (Fuji TV), “Vivit”(TBS), “Morning CROSS”(MX ), and "AbemaPrime" (Abema TV) as a commentator.
She currently serves as a column contributor to the media, as moderator of the economic symposium, as a corporate advisor.
In February 2016, she became Deputy Editor and Web Editor for Forbes JAPAN. In April of that same year, she also became a part-time lecturer at Atomi University.
Yuka Tanimoto's literary works include “Active Listening The Art of Listening for Success”(Diamond, Ine.),”Time Mastery of 1000 Top World Leaders”(Kadokawa/Chukei Publishing), “The Habits of Leaders Who Create Followers without Trying”(SB Creative),and “Power of Keen Predilection: Learning from the top world business leaders”.
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Thu Sep 12, 2019
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